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Carcher steam killer covid-19

In April 1999, the German company KARCHER was responsible for conducting field and scientific laboratory research on the effect of water vapor on various surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, ceramic and stone and cloth objects, and the like from the point of view of disinfection and antimicrobial with a focus on He passed on the covid-19 virus to an official European independent laboratory. The results of this research showed that in case of direct application of water vapor created from Karcher steam cleaning equipment on these objects, with a high approximation of 99.99%, the surfaces of these devices are cleaned of all viruses and pathogens for humans
DIBA FM is ready to provide cleaning and disinfection services to its customers by using KARCHER equipment and machinery. Contact us for more information

پخش ویدیو

These days, when cleanliness and health are more important, companies and offices need to prepare their offices for the daily presence of employees. Microbes and other pollutants sit on devices such as desks, keyboards, and telephones every day. These are sensitive areas that are always washed and disinfected during the day with appropriate materials. But in any office, accessories such as upholstered furniture, carpets and rugs are often kept out of sight and forgotten. Regular cleaning and thorough disinfection of these devices is very important, because they are more exposed to bacteria and germs than other devices.

Let’s not forget the important point that in order to disinfect anything, we must first wash it well with a suitable detergent.
Disinfecting dirty surfaces is often ineffective and not recommended.


About us

DIBA Group has been focusing on the domestic market in building construction and utilization scope since the year 2004 with the provision of building services, along with innovative engineering methods, material selection, implementation and innovative management infrastructure planning.
The company has entered into an optimal building utilization and maintenance services in accordance with the world modern standards by establishing DIBA FM in ‘Facilities Management Services’ scope in 2016.
In this regard, DIBA FM has set up a partnership agreement in several FM scopes with international reputable companies and domestic experts including KARCHER in machinery and modern cleaning and hygiene methods, AYPro in building intelligence system (BMS, CAFM), COBAL in provision of expert human recourses, GHmn knowledge base company in repair and maintenance of electrical and mechanical installations and other prestigious companies in the building utilization field.


DIBA services in FM field are not just operational and maintenance, although these are significant part of facility management, other non-operational aspects are equally important for the proper functioning of the built environment.
This multidisciplinary domain can be defined as a set of actions and procedures that follow construction, which should be assigned to a building in order to optimize performance. Building maintenance management consists of several activities that can be classified into three main areas: technical management, economical management, and functional management.